Color my Heart with Peace Art competition

With the separation of the two Koreas, we ask and hope for peace among the two. Let us imagine a unified Korea where the two live in harmony together, and put that image on a canvas with the power of art.

Sadly, 70 years after the outbreak of the Korean War, North and South Korea are still divided. Let us imagine a world where there is peace between the two Koreas, and express that hope through the power of art!

Color My Heart with Peace is a project to encourage self-expression and foster the hope of peace among our children through cultivating their talents in the field of visual arts.

The purpose of this project is to foster the hope of peace among our youth through cultivating their talents in the field of visual arts, encouraging self-expression around the theme that is Color My Heart with Peace. Along with aiming to promote the use of art as a medium for self-expression, we want to raise awareness about the relationship of the two Koreas and the prospect of a sustainable peace for children.

Southern District Arts and Heritage Project

'Arts and Heritage Project' is sponsored by the Southern District Council. The project has three upcoming activities, which aim to enhance students’ understanding on heritage and history through arts.

1. Heritage Stamps Design Competition

The competition will pick 10 famous heritages or historical buildings from the Southern District. Students will design the stamp for the heritages and the stamp should show their character and appearance. The deadline of submission is 4th December.

Students may submit through mail to Room 918, 9th Floor, Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong or email to (in .jpg file less than 1MB) before 4th December, 2015.

Please download the application form here

2. Heritage and Art Tour

The second activity is a heritage art tour to be held on the 19th December. Our organization will bring students by coach to visit the heritage sites directly and the students will learn to create some art works such as sketches, photos, poems or essays during their visit. Students may feel and see the heritage site using their very own eyes and senses, something that can only be experience through the visit.

The tour schedule will be as follows:

Date: 19th December, 2015
Number of participants: 50
Time: 10am ~ 5pm
Place of Assemble: Admiralty
Place of Dismiss: Stanley

Heritages visiting:

  1. Stanley Tin Hau Temple
  2. Stanley Post Office
  3. Old Stanley Police Station
  4. Murray House
  5. Blake Pier

Lunch Schedule:
1hr and 15 min (Sandwich lunch will be provided)

To Sign Up: Send your name, contact number, school name and school address to , first come first served and teachers are also welcomed to join.

3. Heritage and Art Carnival & Prize Presentation Ceremony

The Heritage and Art Carnival will be held on 31st January 2016 in Stanley Plaza, and the prize presentation ceremony of the Stamps Design Competition will also be held there. There will be different booths and games, craft workshops and displays of works from the competition and the tours, as well as different information about the heritages in Southern District.