Local Activity

Gear Up! Back to Workforce

Date: Nov 2017- Mar-2018
Venue: WFWP T.S.T. Office
Programme details:

1. Sparkling IT solution Phase (I), Oct – Nov 2017
2. Sparkling IT solution Phase (II), Nov – Dec 2017
3. Korean style makeup classes, Jan
4. Photography session Phase (I & II), Nov – Dec 2017
5. Photoshop inspiration session Phase (I & II), Jan – Mar 2018

All course are Free of Charge. For more information please contact us.
Email: info@wfwp.org.hk / Tel: 2858 1771

Yum Cha for the Lord of Grace elderly home

Date: 9th June 2017
Venue: Royal Legend Restaurant

On June the 9th the Women’s Federation for World Peace Hong Kong (WFWP) hosted Yum Cha for 100 people from the Lord of Grace elderly home. The fantastic 3 hour event hosted at the Royal Legend Restaurant was a wonderful opportunity for the members of the WFWP and the volunteers from Morgan Stanley to meet and socialize with the elderly of the Lord of Grace. During the gathering the elderly and volunteers had the privilege of listening to the Koo Roo South Korean Choir as they performed a variety of songs as well as traditional Korean Folk dances. Overall, it was a very fulfilling event for both the volunteers and the elderly alike. This great opportunity for the socialising and eating brought smiles to everyone’s faces and delicious foods to everyone’s mouths.

Designing a Healthy Diet cooking

Date: 7th Nov 2016 to 9th Dec 2016
Venue:Yau Tsim Mong

In order to promote healthy diet, the Woman’s Federation for World Peace Hong Kong will hold a competition called Designing a Healthy Diet Together. Participants can design a healthy diet with their family.

How to enter: Participants can submit a photo of their healthy diet and then email it to info@wfwp.org.hk. We will post the photo on Facebook of WFWP and people can vote for the best five healthy diets.

Please attach your name, contact number, contact email and the brief introduction of the diet to the email.

Great prizes will be offer. It is a good opportunity for participants to improve the relationship with their family. We are looking forward to seeing you!

FoodEver WasteNever

Heritage and Art Carnival & Prize Presentation Ceremony

Date: 31 January (Sun) 11:30-15:00 pm
Venue: Stanley Plaza

The Heritage and Art Carnival held on 31st January 2016 at Stanley Plaza, and the prize presentation ceremony of the Stamps Design Competition was sucessful. Many different booths and games, craft workshops and displays of works from the competition and the art tours.This bring joy and happiness to the community and people learned information about the heritages in Southern District.

Environmental Assembly-Model United Nation 2015

Date: 5 December(Sat) 12:30-3:30 pm
Venue: Henry G. Leung Yau Ma Tei Community Hall

The 2nd Model United Nations event, organized by the WFWP HK, and sponsored by Yau Tsim Mong District Council was held on Saturday, December 5 at the Henry G Leung Community Centre. We had initially invited students from local Secondary schools in the area to participate by submitting the position papers on the theme of “Climate Change”. There were 89 applicants who submitted their papers, from which we selected 66 papers and published position papers on booklet. Then we invited 21 applicants to come and present their position papers.
All the judges were impressed by the quality of participants’ level of English, the content, and the presentation. At the end, the best presenters were selected and awards were given.

Napal Earthquake Charity Fundrasing

Charity fundraising for Nepal was held in Jordan, near Kowloon Park, was held on ____, ___ and ____. Mr. Wakui donated a few dozen beautiful photo frames, and ( your company) donated stuffed animals, key chans, cosmetics and other products of Korea to be sold. We received many donation in kind and able to raised fund in 3 Sundays, and the entire proceed was sent to___ Nepal through WFWP chapter there.

Winter Fiesta-Sponsored by HSBC District Community Programme

Date: 2 January -22 April 2015 | Venue: Yau Tsim Mong area,|Venue: Eldery homes

We are pleased to take great pleasure in inviting volunteers to be a part of the Winter Fiesta charity knitting project; Winter Fiesta, sponsored by HSBC District Community Programme.
Winter Fiesta is volunteer knitting service for elderly people in Yau Tsim Mong District.
We have visited 5 different eldery home in Yau Tsim Mond district and donated almost 500 hats and blankets to elderly in need.
Our volunteers say:
Miss Alice Hui:
I didn't take part in the elderly home visit function, but for the knitting, it is very meaningful! Hope u can keep it on! And hope there will be more volunteers in this activities. Try to ask more volunteers through different means. And U may start the knitting earlier, so people can have more time to make more products.

Miss Kin Wong:
it is good and the time arrangement is reasonable.

We sincisarly thank you to all our volunteers and HSBC foundation to support our project.
Please visit our gallery for more pictures.

Model United Nation-Environmental Assembly

Date: 16th December 2014 | Venue: Funtion Room, 4F, Administration Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre,|Time: 2-6 p.m.

Women’s Federation for World Peace, Hong Kong, invited secondary students to participate in a writing contest on the pressing global issue of Climate Change. The writing contest gave participants a valuable opportunity to learn more about the United Nations and environmental issues. More then 400 secondary students applied a writing contest and we selected 45 students to attend the assembly. Luke Ian Cuimin won the gold prize. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Caritas : Korean culture learning day

29 June, 2014,10:00am -11:30 pm | Caritas, Central

WFWP HK visited Caritas day care ceter for sharing Korean cultural day. We will introduced our activities and share Korean traditional game called, Yut Nori. This game was well received the information and useful time for children and teachers.

Green Fashion Design Competition- Prize presentation

21 June, 2014,11:30am -1:00 pm | Visual Arts Centre, Lecture theatre

Green Fashion Prize presentaion was held at Visual Arts Centre. It was very hard to choose winner as all the participants works very good quality and high standard.The Prize Presentation Ceremony of Green Fashion Design Competition 2014 has been held on 21st June. After carefully examining the finalists’ works, the jury had finally decided the list of winners. Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you all for your participation and support. See you next year!

Green Fashion Design Competition- 4 Master Classes

1st master class held 12th April at Visual Arts Centre. Due to overwhelming response, some of the participants need to sit at the staircase, but the overall atmosphere was interactive and delightful.

2nd Master Class on 13/4:Environmental Clothes Making
by Melanie Bell was so much fun.
The participants enjoyed the workshop and they all had fun redesigning their old T-shirts

3rd Master class hosted by Polly lam and she demonstrated environmental cloths making to participants
Our last Master Class so more industrial practice and learn the marketing style.

It was a sound success and we have learnt a lot about environmental protection. Thank you Toby and all the participant for supporting!

Hong Kong for All: Vision 2020

The EOC and Caritas Youth and Community Service Co-organize Public Event in Observation of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination"
Officiating at the launch ceremony was the Guest of Honour, The Hon Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration, Hong Kong SAR. Other officiating guests included The Hon LAI Tung-kwok, SBS, IDSM, JP, Secretary for Security; The Hon Eddie NG Hak-kim, SBS, JP, Secretary for Education; and The Hon Paul Tang Kwok-wai, JP, Secretary for the Civil Service. In addition, Dr. York Chow, GBS, JP, Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission; Dr. C K Law, SBS, JP, Chairman of the Social Work Committee of Caritas; and Ms Maggie Chan, Director of Social Work Services of Caritas represented the co-organisers in the ceremony.Paris Moon was invited by Palin from Equal Opportunity Commission. Lots of things to share and again, I need to improve my Cantonese! End of the event I was invited to go to the stage to officiate the closing ceremony.

International Women's Day

Paris Moon, Jennifer Ang, Eva Lau and David Lau from WFWP HK attended international Women's Day organized by Women's Commission in Hong Kong. It was a very good opportunity to meet many different organizations women leaders and volunteers. Many women plays important role in society and Hong Kong increasing the more jobs position for women in government.

Hong Kong Federation of Women Leaders' Outing

On 14th Dec, 2013 , Chung Chao Women's Association, N.T. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Women's Federation invited 36 women learders from women's group in Hong Kong to visit Chung Chao Women's Association. Chung Chao Women's Association sucessfully operates service of food waste. They putting considerable efforts on food waste recycling to fertiliser.

After visited the center and watched the operation process all had seafood lunch in the island.

Lord of Grace elderly Home visit

On 13th Dec, 2013 , Lord Grace Service Socicety, Kowloon, Hong Kong

WFWP HK visited Lord Grace Service Society of Elderly home shalter in Kowloon as our monthly project.
WFWP members and volunteers decorated Christmas tree at the shelter. Also prepared Christmas present for 25 homeless elderly staying Lord Grace Elderly Home shelter.
WFWP HK will visit this sheter once a month . 2 week of Friday from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm. During the holiday season we will visit thme on Saturday so many children can join this activity.

Elderly Home visit

November 2013, Lord Grace Service Socicety, Kowloon, Hong Kong

WFWP HK visited Lord Grace Service Society of Elderly home shalter in Kowloon.
25 homeless elderly staying Lord Grace Elderly Home shelter. Oldest elderly is 101 years old. WFWP donated some cakes and oranges to the shelter. ALso spent 1 hours to play with them.
WFWP HK will visit this sheter once a month . 2 week of Friday from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm.

Women and Environment Conference

24-27 May 2013
25 May 2013, Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong. 10:00 a.m.- 16:00 pm

Women and Environment Conference is the first international conference initiated in Hong Kong by WFWP HK. Previously WFWP HK has been working as supporting organization for WFWP Korea. This is the program for WFWP HK to fully initiate our own activity.
Number of participants: Total of 87 people registered to participates the conference.
Attendees include: Consul Jane M.Okon from Nigeria Consulate.
Ms. Jacqueline Ho, MH, Hong Kong
Soong Ching Ling Goldkey Training Foundation
Ms. Lee Kwai Chun, MH, Chairperson of
Cheung Chao Island Women Association.
WFWP members and guests from Ukraine
Guests from mainland China
St. James’ Settlement Hong Kong
Winpex Mgf Ltd.

Venue: Diamond Hall, Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong.

Keynote speakers: Ms. Cheung Wing Suet Wendy (Hong Kong)
Ms. Rachel Fleishman (USA)
Dr. Mingjun Jiang (China)
Ms. Hee-Ja Lee (Korea)

Women and Environment Conference

25 May 2013. 10:00 am - 16:00 pm.
Eaton Hotel, Diamond Hall

Registration Fee: HK$ 600 (Normal Registration)
HK$ 300  (NGO and Government body. WFWP, HK will subsidy HK$ 300. )
Each NGO and government body can apply for two seats only.

Registration fee included whole day conference with a set lunch.
Welcome coffee is included.
Serve coffee and small finger food during the coffee break.

Print and fill out application form, then mail it to the address provided in the
Contact Us page above, or email to: info@wfwp.org.hk

International Women's Day

20 March 2013
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Hong Kong Federation of Women hosted International Women's Day celebration Gala Dinner at Shangrila Hotel on 20th March.
The Hong Kong Federation of Women (HKFW), founded by charter chairperson Peggy Lam, who invited 10 other prominent ladies to be members of the Founding Committee, was established on 28 June, 1993. The Federation is a non-profit making and non-political organization. The main objectives of which are to unite women from all walks of life, to encourage them taking an active interest in Hong Kong affairs, to improve and protect the lawful rights of women and to liaise with women organizations all over the world.
Yukie Ota and Jennifer Ang attended on behlaf of WFWP, HK.

Caritas Hong Kong Senior Photograph Group Art Appreciation

26 January 2013
Charitas Senior Photograph Group visited Moon Gallery for Art and photograph session.

Paris Moon hosted Art Appriciation course and Roger Lin from HKC gave photography briefing session.

Total 2hours session done and WFWP will work closely with local Charity group. This is a part of Age friendy activity organized by WFWP Hong Kong.

Tung Chung Fun Day

The Women's Federation for World Peace, Hong Kong held the "Tung Chung Fun Day" activity.
Date: 13th January 2013
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm.
Venue: Lai Shuk Ying Memorial Square, Yat Tung (I) Estate, Tung Chung

Performance includes Korean Martial Arts TaeKwon Do by Dragons TaeKwon Do performance group with muti-national black belt holders.
Local children enjoyed ballon making form Crown and participated origami activities by Japanese women.

Living Business Awards

Moon Gallery (H.K.) Ltd invited WFWP HK to the Living Business Awards as their partnering Charitable organization.

David Lau attended on behalf of WFWP HK.

The ceremony was held at JW Marriot Hotel in Hong Kong on 16th November 2012.

2012 Filial Piety Festival & Writing Contest Award Presentation Ceremony

June 30 2012 (Sat) Hong Kong & Kowloon Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary School

The Women's Federation supports and Chairperson Ms. Paris Moon presented the writing contest Awards presentation.