UN NGO Activity and International Exchanges

The 66th UNDPI Conference in South Korea

30 May-01 June,2016

Chairperson of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, Hong Kong, Ms. Paris Moon has attended the 66th UN DPI Conference. The 66th Unite Nations Department of Public Information (DPI)/Non- Government Organization (NGO) Conference has held in the City of Gyeonju, Republic of Korea from 30 May to 1 June 2016. The Conference title is “Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together” It is the first time for the conference to be held in Asia. More than 700 NGOs from 100 countries attended the meeting. The main program of the conference included exhibitions, workshops and four roundtable conferences, the purpose of the conference is to achieve the goal of “Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together” via the cooperation of NGOs from different areas.

It is a great honor for The Women’s Federation for World Peace Hong Kong to be invited for the conference. The federation set up a booth and introduces the activities we held in Hong Kong. We introduced two activities including the stamp design competition and also the Winter Fiesta charity-knitting project. The stamp competition enabled the people to learned information about the heritages in Southern District and advocated their conservation awareness of the heritage. And Winter Fiesta is volunteer knitting service for elderly people in Yau Tsim Mong District. We have visited 5 different eldery homes in Yau Tsim Mond district and donated almost 500 hats and blankets to elderly in need.

WFWP International Leadership Conference

12-15 Feburary, 2016

WFWP International Conference held in Korea. International Presidents from North Korea, Europe, Asia, Greater China and Japan attended. During the meeting WFWP discussed strategic plan meeting. Discussion about CSW60 conference in UN and DPI meeting in KyungJu Korea.

After the meeting all the participants watched Little Angels show and Universal ballet in Seoul.

WFWP International World Summit, Seoul Korea 2014

8-12 August, 2014

On 11th August, WFWP International held a world summit at Convention Hall of the Kim Koo Museum and Library in Korea.

A few daus later on 13th August, a meeting of WFWP International was held at chung Shim Peace Academy.

House of Commons – 13th WFWP ILC workshop. 7-10 October, 2013

7-10 October, 2013

13th WFWP International Leader’s Workshop was held in London, U.K. WFWP leaders, members and friends attended all over the world. Two days session was in Royal National Hotel at Russell Square in London. Also on 9th October conference made at one House of Commons, London UK.

Topic : Women’s Empowerment and Networking to bring Innovative Strategies for Peace and Human Development

Session 1

Women’s Empowerment and Networking to bring Innovative Strategies for Peace and Human Development

Session 2

Prevention, Protection and Provision for women
and families against all forms of Violence

World Summit, Seoul 2013

22-25 February, 2013

Seoul, Korea - National flags flanked a hall of the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel filled with 800 delegates from 91 nations attending UPF's World Summit 2013 in Seoul, Korea, February 22 to 25.

"Peace and security are blessings from God, and it is vital to use all the teachings that come from God and take wise and bold measures to establish lasting peace and security," declared H.E. Mohammad Karim Khalili, Vice President of Afghanistan. He opened summit sessions addressed by current heads of state and government from Europe, Africa, and Asia as well as First Ladies and Presidents of the National Assemblies.

The Chairman of UPF International, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, welcomed participants and described his parents' vision of a new global era in which all people would come together in love, "overcoming the barriers of nationality, race, and religion."

Many of exective directors of the Women's Federation for World Peace from different nations attended the Summit.
World Summit addresses Peace, Security, and Development

Moscow Women Leadership Conference

OCtober, 2012

WFWP Russia recently hosted an international conference in Moscow, around the theme of “The International Cooperation of Women in Terms of Peacemaking Initiatives” (Global Women’s Peace Network).

The conference was attended by a total of 200 WFWP leaders and VIPs, from many regions around the world, including Korea, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, Austria, Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Lithuania, as well as from various parts of Russia.

Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in "General Consultative Status" with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in association with the UN Department of Public Information. This status was first granted in 1997 in recognition of its aims and numerous humanitarian projects, and WFWP has continuously maintained its status through regular evaluations held every four years.

Women's Federation for World Peace is about empowering women to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place. WFWP Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, wife of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has expressed today's age as the time for women to come to the forefront to lead this world towards peace.

Why women, now? This statement is based on the understanding that women and mothers have those innate abilities of compassion and love, so urgently needed in our world today. In the 21st century, women should play a greater role in world history by facilitating and steering the construction of a more peaceful world together with the men, by serving as one of the wheels that drives forward the engine of history. Going beyond the century of power and technology, women will have a central role in building a century of greater compassion, care and love through promoting a culture of peace, where their role will be more important than ever before.